Saturday, December 13, 2008

Establishment of The Nsoroma Spirit House

The vision for this new space:
  • a sacred space for private and/or supported healing time;
  • a safe place to seek refuge from the illusions of modernity and reconnect with the heart, the soul, and truth of the matter;
  • an easily accessible and affordable respite space, especially for those in the human services profession;
  • a primal portal for connecting to the Cosmos, supported by the indigenous African medicine wheel teachings that I wisdom-keep;
  • an opportunity for communal stewardship to support and strengthen the well-being of others;


My idea for the establishment of a sacred healing space in a home setting began with my experience of a 24-hour Perpetual Eucharist Chapel on Staten Island, New York. During the care-taking of my mother in her final stages of lung cancer I would often seek spiritual, emotional and physical refuge at the Alba Center on Victory Boulevard – for those of you who know the Island. Although I am not Catholic or associated with any organized religion, I always felt welcomed, safe and sanctioned in that sacred space. And knowing that I could visit anytime of the day or night enabled me not to feel trapped in my mother's home or illness.

The Alba Center is stewarded by volunteers who sign-up to hold space for 1-3 three hours at a time, as well as maintain the chapel of shrines across the courtyard. It provides an opportunity for people to support other people's healing, as well as their own. This also impressed me, for as you know, community making is one of my core beliefs and practices.

How wonderful, I thought, to create a space in a home where people could come to access the Divine within, to take some time apart to release, remember and revive -- as well as make a significant contribution to the well-being of others. And, I never could have imagined that the time to begin this work was NOW!

The Unimaginable Opportunity

If someone had told me at the beginning of November that I would be renting another one-bedroom apartment to expand my healing practice I would have laughed and said, "You're out of your mind!" But Spirit and the Ancestors had other plans. So, one weekend before Thanksgiving, I was approached by my 82-year old neighbor, Miss Vickie, and asked to consider renting her upper flat for my healing work.

I got a good buzz about the prospect but needed time to consult the Ancestors. I told them that if this was in alignment with my highest purpose then they needed to handle it because there was no way I could figure it out.

I got a green-light to have a conversation with Miss Vickie about how I work on faith, and by the Friday after Thanksgiving we agreed that if I could pay her half of the $500 rent by the first week of December that I would agree to take the full risk. By Saturday I received a $260 payment in the mail from one of the persons I served during November. By Tuesday I was presented with an opportunity to earn an additional $500 a month beginning in January. The Ancestors were giving me an emphatic "YES" take the plunge.

The Imaginable Opportunity

I invite you to consider joining me in developing and sustaining the Nsoroma Spirit House in one, two, three or all of the following ways:

  • A Patron: one who makes a commitment to a monthly dollar amount to help secure the overhead monthly costs of the $500 rent (which includes heat & water) and $20 electricity; Patrons will also be directly helping Miss Vickie remain in her home and maintain her independence.
  • A Contributor: one who donates money at any time, makes referrals, or needed materials such as candles, books, incense and other items that contribute to the quality of healing environment;
  • A Steward Volunteer: one who assists in the care, cleansing, and ritual maintenance of the high vibration environment;
  • A Guest: one who comes to the Spirit House for the following services: an hour or two or a full day of private peace & prayer time (for a donation); private respite sleep-over ($50 a night); a supported personal healing retreat ($250 per day);
  • shamanic healing retreat ($500);

Through the support of patrons, contributors and steward volunteers, we will be able to offer the guest services to those who may be financially challenged.

Annual Reciprocity for Supporters

Patrons: all guest services free-of-charge;

Contributors and Steward Volunteers: respite sleep-overs with breakfast;

Please let me know if you would like to be a supporter of the Nsoroma Spirit House. I am also open to your feedback and any suggestions you may have for the financial and spiritual support of this healing resource.